Our Trip to the Cote d’Azur: Part 1: Eze

Eze, France

We’re back from our trip! And after commuting to-and-from work for the past two days in horrifically muggy weather, I can confidently say that I am in need of another vacation (or at least air-conditioned subway platforms).

We left late in the evening on Thursday a little over a week ago, and since then we have boarded numerous planes, trains, ferries, and automobiles on both sides of the British Channel. Our trip began with a few minor hiccups. Our flight out of JFK to France was delayed by three hours, landing us in Nice a few hours late and thwarting our plans to have a relaxing lunch on a terrace in St. Paul de Vence, where I had high hopes of basking in the sun while drinking Rose wine and enjoying a bowl of soupe de poisson.

Chateau La Chevre d'Or  
La Chevre d'Or Gardens

Needless to say, we were frustrated when we found out that we had missed our lunch reservation, and further disappointed when impending rain threatened to foil our secondary plan to have lunch at the pool terrace at the Chateau de la Chevre d’Or, a stunningly beautiful hotel perched at the top of the medieval village of Eze (the hotel terrace and gardens are pictured above). 

Thankfully, after asking one of the waiters at La Chevre d’Or for a lunch recommendation, we made our way to a small bistro where we enjoyed a surprisingly good (very late) lunch of grilled squid (for me) and seared scallops (for Brian) during the brief rain showers.

Grilled Calamari

We emerged from lunch in a far better mood, and spent time meandering along the narrow streets of Eze and finally working our way up to the Jardin Exotique, a tropical garden that is built among the ruins of a 12th century castle.

Chateau Eza
Pippa in Eze
Eze Views
Succulents at Jardin Exotique, Eze
margot cacus

The view that awaited us at the top of the gardens was striking, and our only regret was that we had to leave Eze after only a few hours. I even convinced myself that the views from Eze are worth the hefty price tag of a night at the Chateau de La Chevre d'Or, now if only I could persuade my husband of the same:)

Views from Eze to Sea
Jardin Exotique in Eze

Part 2 to follow shortly…

Happy Cooking,