19 Weeks: Anatomy Scan


This week was by far one of the most exciting weeks that we have had since we found out that I was pregnant. We had our ultrasound anatomy scan this week, during which the technician spent 45 minutes or so measuring and confirming that our baby is growing appropriately. She checked all of our baby's organs, including the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, etc. and also measured the arms and legs, feet, spine and head. When we first arrived at our appointment our baby was moving around quite a bit, kicking and waving its hands in the air. It particularly liked putting its hands in his or her mouth (as seen in the ultrasound image below). When we arrived at our appointment we told the technician that we didn't want to know the baby's gender, so she asked us to look away at one point while she was checking. While it was admittedly very tempting to find out, we really want to be surprised when our baby is born.

Thankfully we were told by the technician that everything looked normal (although a doctor reviews everything and confirms). But we actually had to schedule a follow up appointment for a few days later to get more images of the heart because despite our poking and prodding (and a glass of apple juice) our baby insisted on staying on it's stomach during the entire appointment and she couldn't get everything that she needed.

So a few days later I went back, and this time the technician really poked around, made me get on my hands and knees for awhile, and made me lie on my side to get the baby to move. Thankfully it worked, and she just managed to get the images that she needed before the baby moved again.

Here's a photo of our baby at 19 weeks!!


Here's what's happening with Baby Riley this week:

  • Baby Riley is the size of an heirloom tomato and according to our technician he or she is about 10 ounces
  • His/her smell, taste, vision, hearing and touch are developing
  • A waxy coating known as the vernix caseosa is forming to protect the skin from the amniotic fluid to prevent it from pickling (weird and cool fact!).

And what's happening with me:

Weight Gained: I'm still guessing about 8 pounds but next week is our 20 week appointment with our doctor.

Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing stretchy yoga pants, maternity jeans and the one or two pairs of shorts that still fit. I can still fit into most of my longer non-maternity shirts.

Workouts: Unfortunately I came down with a cold this week (headache, congestions, sore throat, etc). So while I managed to get a few very short workouts in, I basically took it easy. I was essentially exhausted all week.

Symptoms: See above, I was sick this week. Other than that, I occasionally have round ligament pains (especially when I sneeze or cough).

Food Aversions/Cravings: No cravings, but I did make homemade chicken noodle soup this week to have for dinners and lunches since I wasn't feeling well. It did the trick!

Sleep: I slept a lot this week, mostly because I was sick.

Looking forward to: Receiving the official results from our anatomy scan and our appointment with our OB next week.