26 Weeks: Last Week of the Second Trimester


Is it really the last week of the 2nd trimester?!

This week started off with our echocardiogram, which was essentially a long ultrasound appointment during which the baby's heart was viewed from every angle. We could even see the blood that was flowing in and out of the heart (red and blue flashing colors on the screen). Thankfully, everything looks great and the doctor told us not to be concerned at this point. She also brought up some interesting facts that I had never heard before. For example, many babies are born with heart murmurs and tiny holes in their heart, but that most of these resolve themselves on their own without any intervention. 

Other than our echocardiogram, I went to an information session for one of the pediatric practices that we are considering in our neighborhood. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be very helpful. All of the doctors were very friendly and were happy to answer all kinds of questions. I was also very impressed by the facility itself and the office hours (they are open on weekends and all holidays!). We have one more consultation/information session scheduled for December and then we'll make a decision.

The week ended with a visit from my parents. We spent most of Saturday at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. I had booked tickets and a tour in advance and was thankful that we had reserved tickets ahead of time. The museum itself is incredibly well done (and is also massive). We were all thankful to have the opportunity to visit. Apart from our museum tour, we also enjoyed some wonderful meals out, including brunch at Maialino and dinner at Boulud Sud.

Here's what's happening with Baby Riley this week:

  • Baby is approximately 14 inches long and about 1 2/3 pounds (the length of a scallion!)
  • The nerves in his or her ears are becoming more sensitive and he or she can probably hear Brian and I speak
  • He or she is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, good practice for breathing after birth
  • Baby Riley is continuing to put on baby fat

And what's happening with me:

Weight Gained: I'm going to guess 14 pounds since I was at 13 pounds last week. Everyone keeps commenting that my stomach is getting bigger by the week.

Favorite Moment: Seeing our baby on the ultrasound during our echocardiogram. The baby was head down, let's hope it enjoys staying in that position!

Workouts: The usual combination of weight/circuit training with the TRX, kettlebells and my own body weight (which is more than enough at this point). I also have been using the elliptical, rowing machine, treadmill (walking) and stairmaster for light cardio workouts.

Symptoms: I was going to say feeling great, until I woke up early on Saturday morning with horrible pain near my left hip. I woke Brian up with my complaining, and wasn't sure what it was. It did subside after about 20-30 minutes, and my only guess is that the baby was hitting a nerve or muscle. 

Food Aversions/Cravings: Bagels and cream cheese sound good!

Sleep: Other than Saturday morning's early wakeup, I have been sleeping well.

Looking forward to: The third trimester! Hopefully it treats me as well as the first and second trimesters.