31 Weeks: Two Months to Go!


There have been some blog changes around here! I've compiled all of my pregnancy blog posts on a new Pregnancy page. Check it out, especially if you've missed some previous posts.

And now moving on to this week's update. We met with our doctor for our 31 week appointment and the baby's heartbeat was a strong 150 and he or she seems to be growing right on track. I had gained about 2 pounds since my last appointment, putting me at 17 pounds of total weight gain since our initial appointment. My doctor mentioned that I could stand to gain an additional pound or two, but she's not worried and she said that some women put on a lot of weight at the end. My goal is to continue to gain at least a pound a week.

During our appointment we asked our doctor a number of questions. She confirmed that I will have to be hooked up to a fetal monitor once I am admitted to the hospital, but that I'll still be able to move around. She said that the hospital rarely admits women if they are not in active labor and 5cm dilated, and that at that point fetal monitoring is necessary. I also asked about episiotomies, and she assured me that she'll only do it if absolutely necessary (for example, if the baby is struggling). We laughed when she told us that even if I ask for one, she'll tell me to suck it up and keep pushing. At the end of my appointment I got my Tdap shot and we set up an appointment for 2 weeks from now.

We're only 2 months away from our due date, and my first baby shower is this weekend!

Here's what's happening with Baby Riley this week:

  • Baby Riley weighs about 3.3 pounds (the size of a coconut) and is over 16 inches long (close to his or her birth length).
  • He or she is beginning to plump up and can turn his or her head, arms and legs, meaning that he or she is moving a lot!
  • Baby Riley is also headed into a growth spurt.

And what's happening with me:

Weight Gained: Exactly as suspected, I am at a total of 17 pounds of weight gain (so on track to gain somewhere around 25-30 pounds total).

Favorite Moment: I'm a broken record at this point, but I still love feeling the baby move around. The movements are becoming bigger and more deliberate and I can often see my stomach moving as the baby moves. The baby has been extra active this week, and has definitely kept me up at night a few times. I also love placing my hand right below the left side of my rib cage because the baby is always right there (it definitely prefers hanging out on that side).

Workouts: It was a good workout week! I got to the gym 6 days out 7 this week. Some days I am only at the gym for 25-30 minutes, but at this point that's fine by me.

Symptoms: Tingly hands are back! I wake up in the middle of the night and one of my arms has usually fallen asleep and is numb. It only take a few seconds of shaking for it to disappear but it is a nuisance. 

Food Aversions/Cravings: Nothing special this week! I try to have at least one portion of fatty fish (usually salmon) a week so that I can get extra Omega 3's. 

Sleep: So far sleep has been better than last week. I was very tired on Sunday and managed to sleep on the our sofa for the entire second half of the Giants game (woops. at least they won!).

Looking forward to: My baby shower in DC next weekend!