32 Weeks: Virginia Baby Shower

This week was extra special because I was home in the Washington, D.C. area for my first baby shower (my mother-in-law is hosting a second baby shower closer to New York in a few weeks)! My mom and sisters spent hours preparing activities and decorating the house for the shower, and they did a beautiful job! 

This is me, with my mom and two sisters below:


And me with my mother-in-law who traveled all the way from New Jersey for the day:


My younger sister made these beautiful sugar cookies, little elephants, lions and giraffes, so cute (and they also taste delicious!). 


We enjoyed a wonderful lunch made by my mom, including grilled eggplant parmigiana, salad, and fresh bread, and capped off the meal with dessert, another creation by my sister---tiramisu cake!


Baby shower activities included baby advice (written on newborn diapers), a "Who Knows the Mommy to Be" quiz, a Play Doh babies competition, and a Birth Date (and gender and weight) Guessing Pool.


And I was surprised by everyone with some wonderful gifts to fill my new diaper bag


The baby, Brian and I are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family and it meant so much to me to have so many friends and family at the baby shower.


Thank you!!!!

And last but not least....

Here's what's happening with Baby Riley this week:

  • Baby Riley weighs about 3.75 pounds (the size of a jicama) and is almost 17 inches long 
  • He or she will be gaining a third to a half of his or her birth weight in the next 7 weeks
  • Baby Riley has toes, fingernails and hair and Baby Riley's skin is beginning to smooth out as she or he fattens up

And what's happening with me:

Weight Gained: I'm not sure, but I'll guess 18-19 pounds at this point.

Favorite Moment: My baby shower!

Workouts:I've been making my way to the gym for the usual workouts, including strength training (mostly using TRX suspension cables) and light cardio.

Symptoms: I still get tingly/numb hands once or twice a night and I've been going to the bathroom a LOT recently. It's strange because I won't need to go and then all of a sudden the baby will move and I'll need to go immediately.

Food Aversions/Cravings: Nothing special, but I've been enjoying baby shower cake and cookies!

Sleep: Sleep has been okay lately, but not great. I've had a few mornings where I wake up and have trouble falling back to sleep.

Looking forward to: Christmas Day!!