12 Weeks: Doctor's Appointments

Although I am 19 weeks pregnant today, I'm still catching up with the blog posts. I'll be sharing what's been happening during the last few months over the next week or so.

12 Weeks Pregnant.jpg

This was an exciting week for us, because we had our first appointment with our new obstetrician! We went in for our appointment on Thursday and were thrilled to find out that our baby was measuring a few days ahead! We were able to take home some great ultrasound photos and left the appointment feeling confident. We also had out Nuchal Screening (to test for Down Syndrome) on Friday, and our baby was moving his or her legs like crazy. At one point the technician told us that the baby even had the hiccups, which we noticed as soon as she told us (poor thing!).

Here's what's happening with Baby Riley:

  • His/her reflexes are developing (i.e. he/she will be able to open his hands and his/her mouth will be able to make sucking movements)
  • Nerve cells are developing, as well as the brain synapses
  • Our baby is now just over 2 inches (the size of a lime!) and weighs half an ounce

And what's happening with me:

Weight Gained: This week was my first time being weighed at the doctor's, so I'm not positive but I would guess only a pound or 2 at most.

Maternity Clothes: None, but I'm rocking the summery loose-fitting dresses.

Workouts: I had my very first personal training session this week with a trainer who is certified in pre and post-natal fitness. I haven't pushed myself in a LONG time, and it felt so good to sweat. I'm really hoping to build muscle and endurance in the hopes that it helps during pregnancy, labor and post-delivery. I'm not as concerned with cardio (i.e. running miles and miles) but I would like to build some strength and stamina.

Symptoms: Still feeling pretty good! I haven't felt abnormally tired this week, nor had any noticeable symptoms apart from a sore chest (which began a few days before we found out we were pregnant). I have noticed more frequent breakouts (acne) in the first trimester, but in the grand scheme of things I've been very lucky so far.

Food Aversions: None, although chicken at times doesn't sound overly appealing.

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular, although a bagel and cream cheese, or home fries still sound great for breakfast on most days. I finally got my first bagel and cream cheese during pregnancy over the weekend! (why did it take me so long?!)

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well!

Looking Forward to: Getting the results back from our Nuchal Screening (which tests for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities). We went in for the special ultrasound and blood test today, and the ultrasound technician told us that everything looked normal on her end (it was such a relief to hear that!). We're now waiting to get the full results back. Let me just say that the blood test was the worst part, it was a fingertip prick test and the nurse then had to fill in 5 dots on a piece of paper with my blood (ouch, it was uncomfortable). I also took the "come with a full bladder" instruction too seriously, and we had to stop the ultrasound halfway through so that I could go to the bathroom. I was in MAJOR pain. EDITED LATER TO NOTE: I had to go BACK for a second blood test because the first technician didn't get enough blood. It turns out that my second blood test was so much easier, maybe the first technician was still learning the finger prick method?!