16 Weeks: California Vacation


This week we took Baby Riley to California to spend time with my sister and brother-in-law, who like in Oakland, right outside of San Francisco. While I was spending time relaxing, eating, shopping and hiking in the East Bay, Brian was on a much-anticipated golf trip. He and his mom, dad, and younger brother spent the long weekend in the Pebble Beach area playing 2 rounds of golf a day (crazy!! Now you know why I didn't go).

Here's what's happening with Baby Riley this week:

  • Baby Riley is the size of an avocado
  • His/her legs are much more developed now
  • The ears are moving to their final position
  • Toenails are forming, as well as patterning on the scalp
  • His/her heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood a day (woah!)

And what's happening with me:

Weight Gained: I'm guessing 6 pounds, but we have to wait a few weeks for the official number.

Maternity Clothes: I was able to fit into my usual jeans and shorts this week, but found a great deal at a second-hand store in California and bought a really nice pair of maternity jeans and some black pants at a bargain price!

Workouts: I fit in 2-3 strength training sessions this week, but mainly stuck to long walks for exercise during my visit to California. My sister and I went on one hike in the Redwood Regional Park on Oakland and it was beautiful.

Symptoms: In general, I felt good. However, during the 6-hour plane ride over to San Francisco from New York I could not get comfortable. My lower back was aching and bothering me the ENTIRE trip. I also had one painful experience this week when I was lying in bed in the morning and sneezed. My round ligaments were screaming! Thankfully the pain subsided after a few seconds. I've made a mental note to never sneeze lying down again.

Food Aversions/Cravings: I've combined aversions and cravings this week because I was having so few aversions. I ate all types of yummy food during my trip to the San Francisco area, including Burmese food, a burger, delicious and fluffy apple pancakes, and homemade (made by yours truly) blueberry pie. Too bad the pancakes put me in a sleep coma and I had to take a nap immediately after brunch. Sugar crash!

Here's a photo of us eating pancakes at Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley.

Bettes Oceanview Diner Sept 2014

Sleep: I slept well during my trip, thanks to being able to borrow my sister's body pillow. I've now decided that I need to buy a snoogle when I get home!

Looking Forward to: Our anatomy scan in 2 weeks!