35 Weeks: Childbirth/Lamaze Class


I am happy to say that our nursery furniture is finally setup in the baby's room. The crib is put together but the mattress is still in plastic and the room is somewhat of a mess, so I'm going to wait to share photos until a little more progress has been made.

Week 35 felt incredibly busy. We spent all of last weekend in childbirth classes (10am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday). Brian and I seemed to be better informed than most of the other couples in the class (there were 10 couples including ourselves in the group), but the sections on laboring positions, breathing, and pushing were definitely helpful. To simulate a contraction we were asked to hold ice cubes in our hand for one minute and to breathe through the pain. I'm not sure that I felt all that much pain from the cold, but it helped us to get a better sense of the timing of contractions (and the rest periods). I also learned that I definitely want our doctor to let the umbilical cord stop pulsing before we cut it. I had heard that keeping the umbilical cord attached for too long could contribute to jaundice, but our instructor told us that the theory was disproven recently and the benefits are clear (increases blood volume and decreases iron deficiency in newborns).

Aside from childbirth class, we also had friends and family over for dinner on Sunday night. I made these chicken enchiladas by Rick Bayless (with a few changes), black beans, and a mixed greens and jicama salad with a lime-cilantro vinaigrette. I also made an angel food cake with strawberry sauce and whipped cream for dessert. Judging from the amount of leftovers, dinner was popular.

And this week I've been going through my baby "To Do" list, while employing the help of my sister's fiance, Connor, who is a great handyman. I capped off the busy week with a prenatal massage at The Medical Massage Group. They specialize in prenatal massages and they have a special massage table that has a hole in the center so that pregnant women can safely lie on their stomachs. It felt great to not only lie on my stomach, but also get some relief from my sciatic pain and back pain.

It's difficult to believe that I'll be 36 weeks pregnant when this post is published. I realized just the other day that perhaps it is time to start packing my hospital bag! Yikes! 

Here's what's happening with Baby Riley this week:

  • Baby Riley now weighs approximately 5.25 pounds (the size of a honeydew melon) and is over 18 inches long
  • His or her kidneys are fully developed and can process some waste
  • Baby Riley's main job right now is to put on weight!

And what's happening with me:

Weight Gained: I'll know tomorrow after our doctor's appointment.

Favorite Moment: When we went to checkout at Whole Foods the other day during our lunch break (from childbirth class), one of the employees noticed my stomach and told us to bypass the long line and go straight to checkout #35. Super cool, it's not often that I receive special treatment, especially in New York City.

Workouts: In terms of workouts, I actually felt very good this week. I made it to the gym for both circuit training and cardio workouts and also attended my first prenatal yoga class. The class is less of a workout and more about stretching, but it feels great at this point and I think that it will help me with my breathing in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Symptoms: Upper back pain (especially when I am sleeping), sciatic pain, and occasional tightness in the pelvis/abdomen depending on how the baby is positioned. I also noticed the faintest sign of a linea negra this week.

Food Aversions/Cravings: None!

Sleep: I am waking up a couple of times a night to re-position myself, which is annoying but it could be worse. I also slept really poorly last Friday night (which prompted me to take a nap on Saturday afternoon after class).

Looking forward to: My second baby shower in New Jersey this weekend, and our 36 week doctor's appointment and ultrasound. We're hoping that the baby will be head down and in a good position for birth!