Life with Arthur: 9 Months


Dear Arthur,

Once again I am ridiculously tardy with posting your 9 month update! Perhaps that is because I barely have 10 minutes of free time during the weekdays? Someone (ahem) doesn't like to take naps in his crib, so we've been practically inseparable lately.

arthur-eight-month-photo-shoot-19.jpg_web version.jpg

But let's talk about how much fun we have had during the last month! Only a few weeks after getting back from England we were back in the air, traveling to Chicago. Your dad had a work conference so we booked a long weekend in Chicago so that we could visit your Aunt Laura and Uncle Connor, who recently moved to the Windy City.

Arthur Laura Connor Sept 2015 Web Version.jpg

You were pretty good on the flight but got fussy towards the end and cried for a few minutes before finally falling asleep. We arrived very late in the evening and we unfortunately had to wake you up to change you and feed you before putting you in your portable crib for the night. When you first woke up and saw Laura and Connor you immediately cried, and continued to cry every time that they looked at you. It was quite amusing, but we all felt bad for you. Of course you were all smiles and giggles the next day and absolutely loved spending time with Aunt Laura and Uncle Connor in Chicago. 

Arthur and Pippa Chicago_Web Version.jpg
Arthur and Brian Chicago-web.jpg

At the end of the month you went on your first tropical vacation! We went to Boca Grande, Florida for Maddie Buttitta's and Brendan Buglione's wedding.


Your grandparents and Uncle TJ and Becky also came with us, and we spent lots of time by the beach and swimming in the pool at the Gasparilla Inn. We tried to stick your toes in the ocean, but you immediately cried. You fared much better in the sand and didn't cry at all when we sat you down on the beach (you liked feeling the sand in your hands).


But by far the highlight was the pool. You loved splashing around in the pool and on the last day we dunked you in all the way up to your head. You seemed shocked, but didn't cry. What a trooper! 


There have been lots of new developments this month! Including (drumroll please) you rolled over to your stomach for the first time! You really got the hang of it while we were in Chicago, and you have been rolling back and forth ever since.


I should also mention that I got the shock of a lifetime when I first saw your sleeping on your stomach one night. In fact, you only sleep on your side or on your stomach now, which is a big change. You also like to do the "Banana" (as your Gammy calls it), which means that you contract your abs and lift your head and legs at the same time. I'm convinced that you have stronger abs than me at this point because you can hold that position for longer than I can!


We started physical therapy when we got back from England and Kristina continues to come to our apartment 2 times a week for your sessions. Her exercises definitely helped you learn how to roll over and we are working on crawling. As usual, you are very stubborn and quite strong, so getting you into a crawling position isn't that easy. Walking and standing on the other hand are going very well. You adore standing up against the coffee table and grabbing for things, and can stand there unassisted for long periods of time. You clearly have more interest in walking than crawling.

Your new favorite game this month is peekaboo. We play peekaboo multiple times a day, and you giggle when I jump up from behind the counter in the kitchen and surprise you while you are sitting in your high chair. Your favorite toys are the baby shaker stick with bells that I bought you, your LED light-up football from Meli and Grandy, your little chef cloth book, a rooster that Gammy gave you, empty yogurt containers, remote controls, Sophie, anything plastic (you go wild when your dad brings home the dry cleaning), and your Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker. The funny thing is that you only play with the phone on the walker and the little yellow peekaboo door. You aren't interested in anything else about it. In general, you are constantly reaching out to grab things and get upset when things are out of your reach. Diaper changes are now a battle and I have to give you something to play with to stop you from squirming.


Solids are going very well lately, and we've upped your solid meals to 2 times per day. You usually get baby Earth's Best Oatmeal mixed with a fruit puree for breakfast and a vegetable puree for dinner. I also made you homemade chicken puree (with leeks, carrots and chicken broth) and you have been eating that as well. I recently started giving you baby Mum Mums (rice crackers) and you love them. You are getting good at picking them up, but I have to watch you like a hawk because you often try to bite off too big of a bite. Thankfully they dissolve easily. We've given you baby rice Puffs but you have a hard time picking them up and putting them in your mouth, and an equally hard time chewing and swallowing them. You are still nursing 5 times a day, and haven't shown any signs that you are ready to drop a feeding.


Sleep...where should I begin? You easily fall asleep at night (anywhere between 7:00-7:30pm depending on the night) and sleep through the night but you continue to wake up at the crack of dawn, often before it is light outside. We've had a lot of 4:00-5:00am wake up calls recently. You will often fall back asleep if we bring you into bed with us, but it's not consistent and you typically won't fall asleep for long. I can't figure out why you wake up so early, because you are definitely still tired. At the end of this month you also dropped a nap, and now take 2 longer naps during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Your morning nap is usually the best nap (anywhere between 1.5-2 hours) and your afternoon nap varies but it has improved since you dropped the mid-day stroller nap. You still nap in bed with me (or your dad on the weekends). We tried to put you in your crib a few weeks ago for the afternoon nap but you consistently cried for the full hour that I left you in your room so nap training is currently on hold until I have more resolve (set to resume soon!).


In terms of height and weight, you continue to pack on the pounds and get taller, but we have noticed that you have slimmed down a bit. You legs and arms are chunky but your waist is quite lean! At your 9 month appointment you weighed 19 pounds (39th percentile) and measured 28.5 inches tall (50th percentile). Your dad thinks that they may have measured you incorrectly because you only grew a half inch in 3 months. Either way, you are getting bigger and carrying you around for long periods of time is no easy feat.


We love watching your personality emerge as you get older. You are very set in your ways, but are also very observant and occasionally shy in large group situations. For example, when we go to classes or moms group you are quite serious, but at home you are a ball of energy and giggles. You love any and all forms of attention and never want to be left alone on the play mat (you cry until I join you). You also have a funny habit of smiling at the other moms/nannies/dads next to us at the playground when you are on the swing (you are clearly trying to get their attention by smiling at them). On the whole you are an incredibly sweet, loving and happy little guy.


I say this every month, but I wish that time would slow down because you are growing up too quickly.