Life with Arthur: 10 Months


Dear Arthur,

I wasn't sure that I would ever be able to say this, but you are crawling!! Army crawling that is, but it's a huge development. You first started crawling the week before Thanksgiving. It's difficult to believe that just a few months ago you refused to even play on your stomach for more than 5 minutes. You are now rolling over to your stomach constantly and crawling on your stomach remarkably quickly. Your favorite toy to chase is your LED light-up football. You push it across the room and crawl after it.


This past month we celebrated your first halloween and your first Thanksgiving! You were a baby chef for halloween and everyone loved your costume. You looked adorable.

We attended a number of halloween parties, including one for our apartment building and another with parents and babies that we met in our first mom's group. We also hosted a small halloween playgroup at our apartment.

In early November your grandparents, Meli and Grandy, visited for a few days. We took them on a number of walks, both to John Jay Park to go on the swings and to Carl Shurz park to walk along the river.

You enjoyed being the center of attention, as usual, and you loved playing with some of the new "toys" (kitchen items) that Meli brought out for you, including my measuring spoons and metal mixing bowls. Your Gammy and Po Po also came in to the city to see you that weekend.


We celebrated your 10 month birthday while we were in New Jersey visiting your grandparents and uncles. You watched your dad play his annual football game with his friends and you had your first tastes of turkey and mashed potatoes, and even a few bites of fresh toast. We had a ton of visitors over the weekend and you were very happy and loved all of the attention. You also discovered a newfound love for dogs! You met a number of dogs over the weekend and you tried your best to get close to them and grab their fur.

I am happy to say that you now sleep alone in your crib for all naps. We bit the bullet a few weeks ago and banned you from our bed. The first two weeks of "nap training" were very difficult because you often cried for a full hour and never took a nap. When you did nap, the naps were very short. But after a few weeks of consistently napping in your crib, you have learned to put yourself to sleep with ease on most days. You take 2 naps, one in the morning (around 8:30 or 9am) and another in the afternoon (around 1:30pm) and your naps vary from thirty minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes. Most naps are only a half hour so on those days we put you to bed on the early side (around 6:45pm-7pm). Thankfully you have been waking up closer to 6:00am lately, which is a nice change from 5:00am wake ups.

Nursing is still going well (you nurse 5 times a day), but you are showing an ever increasing interest in solid foods. You had your first bites of lamb this month. I made a lamb and apricot tagine for your dad and I, and you gobbled up the leftovers (which I pureed), much to my surprise. You are now very proficient at picking up rice puffs and chewing them, so we are experimenting with other bits and pieces, like small bites of string cheese, chicken, and scrambled egg yolk. Your favorite foods are pears, banana, cheese, puffs, egg, lamb, butternut squash, and tiny pasta (made with broth, olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese!). I gave you a taste of grapefruit the other day and you even seemed to be okay with that.


You love to be read to by your dad and I, and your favorite books are the Little Blue Truck, Penguin and the Pinecone, and Bear Snores On. We read every morning after your nurse, and after we finish reading you like to take the book from my hand and throw it to the floor. You wait for me to pick up the book and then you throw it again. We play it over and over again, until I get tired of playing the game! 

I have no idea how much you weigh, and we don't go back to the doctor until your 1 year appointment. I'm guessing that you weigh somewhere around 20 pounds. You are wearing 9 month and 6-12 month clothes. 

I have a feeling that you are going to get faster and faster over the next month! Long gone are the days that I can leave you on the carpet in the living room and walk over to the kitchen for a few minutes. 

Keep smiling and giggling!

Likes: Bouncing/jumping, hand stands (mommy lifting up your legs), pacifiers, attention from mom and dad, the swings at the playground, bath time, books, doggies, dad's ties and belts, standing, eating solids foods, balls, banging and making noise

Dislikes: Being put in the stroller, diaper changes when you don't have anything to hold on to, having your face or nose wiped, having to play by yourself or not having all of our attention

Love you tons,