Life with Arthur: Weeks 5 & 6

Dear Arthur,

Where is the time going?! I can't believe that you are 7 weeks old already, I'm not ready for your 2 month birthday! Your fifth week was so much fun, for the most part because your Grandma Meli and Auntie Laura came to stay with us.


I had forewarned them that you could be a bit fussy at times, especially in the afternoons, but of course you were a perfect angel for them. You loved the fact that people were holding you all day long. You snoozed in grandma's arms as she told you about dolphins and you cuddled in Laura's lap.

We all had fun giving you a bath, even though you still cried quite a bit in the water. And your Aunt Laura took some great family photos for us before she left!

You had your first ride in the Ergo Wrap while grandma and Laura were visiting. It took your mom and Aunt Laura at least 5 attempts to tie the wrap correctly, but we did it eventually! You were looking around very curiously when we first put you in the carrier. Later that week when we tried it again, you snoozed for about an hour and seemed very happy cuddled up against my chest. Success! Mom is hoping to get more done around the house now that she can carry you in her wrap. 

Mom and Dad took you out for a pizza dinner for the second time this week. You have been so well behaved, sleeping soundly in your carseat the entire time.

We also took you by your dad and mom's favorite ice cream shop, Sedutto, and the manager loved meeting you and even remembered your name the following week. Speaking of outings, this is the first week that it hasn't been bitterly cold and you and I went out twice before Grandma and Laura arrived so that we could go grocery shopping. You complained at first, but were okay once we got outside and even slept most of the time.

You continue to grow every day, and I can't believe how big you have become. I like to call you my little "Chublet" or "The A Man" or "Mr. Arthur". Dad just calls you "Nugget" or "Nug Nug" for short. You love playing with dad on your playmat/activity gym. This week you started to push at the hanging toys and your ball with your hands and you love to kick the little parrot that hangs down overhead. Tummy time is going really well too. Your dad makes sure to give you at least one session of tummy time a day, and you always impress him with your neck strength and your superman pose. 

You continue to make the funniest noises and faces when you sleep, and it cracks your mom and dad up as we watch you. Fortunately, you have been sleeping well lately. Most nights you are asleep by 11:30pm and don't wake up until 3:30am to eat. Mom then goes back to bed for a few hours and we wake up again at 6:30am. By 9:30am we are up for the rest of the day. You are usually a pretty happy guy in the mornings and we spend some time playing on your activity mat and mom tries to eat breakfast when she can. Lunch can be a bit tricky because you always want to be held when lunch time rolls around so mom tries to make her lunch with one hand. 

On your 6 week birthday mom tried to take photos of you with the cute milestone cards that she bought, but you would have nothing to do with it. Thankfully, she got a few OK shots before you started to cry. You also rolled over for mom once, from your tummy to your back, but mom thinks it was a fluke because you haven't done it again. Either way, I was impressed!


It took 6 weeks, but you now like bath time! Dad warms up a washcloth with water and places it over your stomach and it keeps you warm and happy. You actually seemed very relaxed during your bath! 

You are such an expressive little boy. You make faces at us all day long (frowns, the parrot face, etc.) and make us laugh and smile.

You look around all day long, and are particularly content when you are looking into a mirror. You unfortunately only like being held over the shoulder, which can be a bit exhausting and it's sad because we can't see your cute face, but you like it.  

Your cry has also evolved over the last few weeks, it has gotten louder and we definitely know when you are fed up. On a few occasions you have been so upset that you have gotten sweaty and hot, which makes me want to cry. We're trying our best to figure out how to make you happy, and sometimes I think that you are crying purely because you are overstimulated by everything around you by the end of the day. Thankfully, we have a trick up our sleeves, the hair dryer! It knocks you out every time:)


You also grew out of your "Little Explorer" newborn elephant outfit this week and you are very close to growing out of newborn clothes entirely. I love watching you grow but I also want to slow down time!

We love you Arthur, so very much!