Life with Arthur: Weeks 9 & 10

Arthur turned 2 months old on March 27th and a few days later we took him to the doctor for his two month checkup and vaccinations. Brian and I both guessed his weight before the appointment but even Brian, who guessed a hefty 10.5 pounds, underestimated. He weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds, 14 ounces and 22.5 inches long. He has more than doubled his weight since birth. Check out the difference between his 2 week appointment and his 2 month appointment:

As for the vaccinations, he was a trooper. He got three shots, two in the right thigh and one in the left thigh. Brian volunteered to hold him while the nurse gave him the shots, while I looked on with tears in my eyes. Thankfully he was easy to soothe after the nurse left, and I cuddled with him all afternoon, but it was difficult to see him in pain.


Arthur has been a great sleeper during the last 2 weeks. We typically put him down to bed between 10:30-11:30pm and he usually wakes up anytime between 6am-7am. He even slept until 7:30am one morning, which definitely counts as sleeping through the night. 

Arthur is not loving tummy time as much as he used to (getting chubbier has it’s downsides!) and we are making a concerted effort to put him on his stomach more often (the doctor suggested 45 minutes a day, and we’re not there yet).

We also caved and bought Arthur an expensive swing, the mamaRoo, using some store credit. I was desperate for a place to put Arthur down when I need to take a shower or eat lunch. It turns out that he finds the swing to be very interesting, but refuses to sleep or rest in the swing. Go figure! At least he’s content in there for about 20 minutes or so, which allows Brian and I to eat dinner together.

Just a few days after his 2 month checkup Arthur went on his first trip; we spent Easter weekend with Brian's family. Traveling with a baby is daunting, especially for the first time. There is so much to remember and navigating train stations with a stroller and baby gear is not an easy feat. Thankfully I purchased a light weight snap-n-go stroller for the car seat and we brought that instead of our everyday Uppababy Vista stroller. Despite the stinky, urine-smelled elevator in Penn Station, our trip went smoothly and Arthur behaved so well. He slept the entire way there and back!

Our first Easter as a family of three was so much fun. Arthur met a number of relatives and close friends and was very happy and intrigued by all of the new sights and sounds around him. He also took advantage of all the helping hands by napping with everyone, including his Gammy and his uncles TJ and Matt.

I’m not sure that anyone believed me when I told them that he didn’t smile very often because he smiled all the time while we were away. And guess who had the largest Easter basket this year? That would be Arthur, or “The A Man”. His Gammy and Meli spoiled him rotten this year.

Just a few days after returning from New Jersey, we packed our suitcases again and took Amtrak down to D.C. for my sister Laura’s wedding. Arthur once again was such a good sport. He slept the entire train ride down to DC apart from waking up to eat. We also changed our first diaper on a train, and were happy that we didn’t get peed on!

Our first night in DC was spent at my parent’s house enjoying a nice family dinner. Arthur met his Aunt Alessandra and Uncle Cassidy for the first time and enjoyed playing on the quilt that my mom made for me when I was a baby. His grandfather Grandy also bought a bunch of toys for him to play with.

We were very worried about how Arthur would do sleeping in the Pack n Play because he sleeps in the Rock n Play at home and has never slept in his crib, but he surprised us by sleeping through the night.

On the day of the Rehearsal I went to get my nails done with my sister and the rest of the bridal party while Brian took Arthur out for a “guys lunch” with the groom, Grandy, and the rest of the groomsmen. Later that evening we went to the rehearsal dinner, where Arthur met family and friends for the first time. Arthur once again charmed everyone. He slept through most of dinner but then unfortunately refused to take the bottle that I had pumped for him. After a short bout of crying he happily played with his Gammy during the speeches and seemed generally content until he had a complete breakdown at the end of the night (complete with hysterical crying and sweating). We had to leave before dessert, but we really couldn’t complain because it was a very long night.

On the morning of the wedding Arthur spent the day with the bridal party at the wedding venue as we had our hair and makeup done, while Brian played golf with his parents. The weather was gorgeous and Arthur had the honor of walking his Meli (grandmother) down the aisle alongside Brian and his Uncle Cassidy. We bought him some Babiator sunglasses for the weekend because we noticed that the sun bothers his eyes. He looked like such a cool kid walking down the aisle with his dad.

Arthur slept through the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner and we woke him up for a bottle before the speeches and dancing. Unfortunately, he once again refused the bottle (thankfully he took it about an hour later) and started fussing so Brian had to stand outside the tent during most of the speeches. He was in a much better mood after eating and seemed to really enjoy being out on the dance floor with his dad, the bride (Aunt Laura) and the rest of our family. I’m sure that he was over-stimulated, but he looked happy (or perhaps like a deer stuck in the headlights). We left the wedding just a few minutes before it ended and went back to the hotel to put him to bed. We had been excited, but also nervous about bringing Arthur to the wedding but we really couldn’t have asked for a better baby. He did unbelievably well.

PipBriArthur-Laura Wedding.jpg

Our trip back to New York was unfortunately much longer than anticipated due to Amtrak delays, but Arthur once again proved that he is a champ. He also dressed up for the Masters in his golf outfit (courtesy of Uncle Cass and Aunt Alessandra).

The next post will be his 3 month update and thereafter I plan to post updates monthly instead of biweekly!