Life with Arthur: 4 Months

Dear Arthur,

You have changed so much this month! You are now a happy little man about 90% of the time. I would say that there was a dramatic shift after week 12. You rarely cry, except when you are very tired or very hungry or just want to be held. Did I mention that you love to smile?! Your whole face lights up when you see mom or dad. When we are out for a walk I like to stoop down and say "Hi Arthur" while you are in your stroller and you immediately give me a big grin when you hear my voice. 

You have also started to coo and babble and you giggle and laugh when we make silly faces or sing a song to you. For some reason you are at your most talkative in the evenings when you get slightly tired. Instead of crying, you sigh very loudly. It cracks us up.

You love to play with us, whereas previously you were happy to play on your own most of the time. You even let dad read books to you on the floor. Your favorite new game this month is being placed on our bed while we bounce the bed around you. Your whole face lights up and you smile and laugh and kick your feet. It's adorable. Your grandmother Meli was the first one to try that game with you when she and Grandy visited last month.

You have also developed a new (and slightly annoying) habit of scooting up your changing mat as we try to change your diaper. I call it the "Scoot Scoot Game" and sometimes I have to reposition your diaper 3 or 4 times as you wriggle around and plant your feet into the changing pad and scoot up. 

The playmat is still a big hit. You play on it most of the time when you are awake and are now batting at the toys and snatching them with your roly poly fingers (dad calls them your sausage fingers). We bought you a new toy that you can easily grasp in your hand and that you can pick up. The problem is that you sometimes hit yourself in the head with it and it's kind of heavy. Woops, you'll learn soon enough!

Tummy time is still difficult. You typically fuss after a few minutes and don't like to lift your head. Instead, you suck on your hand with your head lying on one side. I'm starting to get worried that you'll never roll over. With that being said, we're working on it and you are getting better. Please don't become too mobile just yet, I'm not ready!

Eating is not going as well as it used to, and that is challenging, especially for me. On some days you fuss and get distracted after just a few minutes of nursing, and refuse to eat more. You have trouble eating when we are not at home because you just want to look around and play. For that reason, I'm making sure that we are home when it's time for you to eat. On the other hand, you are now happy to go 4 hours between feedings on some days, which gives me a lot more flexibility. You are also not a big fan of the bottle. On some nights you eat like a champ, and on other nights you refuse the bottle after just a few sucks. I recently bought you a new type of bottle, the  Comotomo which you seem to prefer to your old Dr. Brown's bottles. Hopefully this is just a phase.


Naps on the other hand are going extremely well thanks to the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. On most days you take a long nap of 1.5-2 hours (or two shorter, 45 minute naps) in the morning in your crib, a catnap of 20-30 minutes in the middle of the day, and then a long nap in the afternoon. We are still working on self-soothing during naps because I often have to go into your room a few times to comfort you when you wake up in the middle of a nap. However, when you get into a deep sleep you are out cold. I often have to wake you up because otherwise you would nap for 3 or more hours and miss a feeding. Night time sleep is still pretty predictable. We put you down to sleep (in the Pack n Play in our room) anytime between 9:00-10:00pm and you sleep until 6:30-7:00am. On one night you slept from 8:30pm until 6:30am the following morning. Sorry about the photo below, but it was 90 degrees and we had no air conditioning, so I decided to cool you down with a wet wash cloth!

We are busy most days of the week, with various moms groups or playdates at Carl Shurz Park. The trouble is that I have to bring you home for naps so I now struggle to find the time to grocery shop, do errands and go for longer walks. Thankfully I have found the time to do a short 30-minute workout DVD in the mornings during your first nap which has made me feel a whole lot better. 

Your dad and I have ventured out with you for more meals beyond our Saturday night ritual of pizza and ice cream at Al Forno's. We took you to brunch this month and also took you out to dinner at Cafe d'Alsace when Meli and Grandy came to visit. We also left you at home with your first babysitter (uncle TJ) on my birthday weekend when we went out to dinner. You gave your uncle a run for his money, but he did a great job of feeding you and getting you to sleep.


Bath time is still a highlight of the day. Your dad uses a cup to pour water over your belly and you always look so relaxed and happy. The other night we tried to wake you up for a bath but you slept right through it. You never opened your eyes once, it was so funny. That night you also took your first "dream feed" with the bottle (meaning you were asleep while drinking your bottle).

You are still wearing 0-3 month outfits and pants but you fit into 3-6 month shirts and rompers because your torso is incredibly long. Your 4 month appointment is next week, and I'm guessing that you weigh 14.5-15 pounds. The hair on the top of your head is also growing very quickly! And we bought you larger pacifiers because your newborn pacifier was leaving a butterfly mark around your mouth because it was too small. 


This month you went on your first ride on the New York City subway (on my 31st birthday!). We took the train to Times Square so that you could visit your dad in his office. I carried you in the Ergo and you did very well. You were intent on watching all of the people and sights around you. Unfortunately you started to get tired after about an hour so we had to go home.

We also celebrated our first mother's day together with your daddy, Meli and Grandy in Central Park. It was a wonderful day, and I'm looking forward to spending many more mother's days with you.

And we took the train to New Jersey for Memorial Day weekend. You loved spending time with your grandparents, uncle TJ, and uncle Matt. There were so many fun and exciting things to see and toys to play with at your grandparents' house.

I love spending each and every day with you. One smile from you in the morning is all that it takes for me to get excited for the day (even if I would like to get a few more minutes of sleep).

We love you Arthur Ernest!