Life with Arthur: 6 Months


Dear Arthur,

I feel like I just wrote your 5 month update, and yet here we are celebrating your half year birthday! Look at how much you have grown! You continue to surprise us by doing new things every week. You have a strong personality and know exactly what you want, but you are also one of the sweetest little boys. You smile constantly and grin from ear to ear when you are having fun. You are becoming more of a little boy and less of a baby every day. 

I think that you had a growth spurt at some point during the last month because you definitely feel heavier and a few of your smaller 3-6 month onesies are beginning to look quite tight. Your 6-month checkup is later this week and we are excited to see how much you have grown. Update: Arthur jumped up the charts this month and went from the 56th percentile in height to the 92nd! He measured 28 inches long and weighed 16 pounds, 13 ounces (32nd percentile) at his checkup.


We had a very exciting July! You went on your very first vacation to Keene Valley in the Adirondaks and spent over a week there with your relatives. Your dad has been going up to Keene Valley sine he was a baby, and we were so excited to bring you to one of his favorite places. 

You spent tons time outside, and we took you on hikes almost every day. Your dad brought you up to the top of Indian Head twice (a special family tradition), you went on the swings for the first time, and you also took your very first dip in a pool. We also put you in the carrier facing outwards for the first time and you seemed to enjoy it so much more than facing inwards. I now feel much more comfortable taking you on walks in the carrier because I know that you are happier.

We didn't take you out to see the fireworks on 4th of July this year, but hopefully we can bring you out next year to see them. They were very, very loud, but you managed to sleep through the whole shebang. You did rock Bruce and Red, White and Blue!

Your first time on the swings was a huge success! You looked a bit concerned the first time that we put you in the swing but after a few seconds you were all smiles. We now take you to the swings in John Jay Park in the evening after your dad gets home from work, and it always puts you in a good mood.

Arthur and Natalie

Arthur and Natalie

We went swimming for the first time in Keene Valley in the pool at the Ausable Club. You didn't exactly love the pool, but I can't blame you because it was very cold. It took you a few minutes to get used to the temperature but after that you didn't cry. You primarily stared down at the water, looking a bit nervous. Hopefully your next trip to the pool will involve warmer water because I think that you would enjoy it. You love bath time and are becoming increasingly rambunctious, splashing water everywhere, including on mom and dad.

You absolutely adored all of the attention that you received in Keene Valley. Your Gammy, Po Po and Uncle TJ took care of you on a number of afternoons while your dad and I played tennis. We put you on a towel on the dining room table while we were eating breakfasts in the mornings and you loved showing off. You are now consistently scooting on your back and doing "Jane Fonda" butt lifts. You must have very strong hamstrings by this point!

You also have very good head control now and can be carried on my hip. You are not yet sitting up or rolling, but you'll get there at some point. At the moment, you are purely interested in grabbing things and scooting on your back. We have to bribe you to stay on your stomach (like allowing you to watch Wimbledon below). 


With regards to sleeping, it could be better. You sleep in your Magic Merlin Sleepsuit for all naps and at night, which helps but you still have trouble putting yourself to sleep at naptime. You never want to miss out on anything! In Keene Valley you were so exhausted from all of the excitement that you napped pretty well and managed to put yourself to sleep, but as soon as we got back home you needed to be rocked to sleep. On vacation I brought you into bed with me in the mornings after you ate and you took some very long naps. I know that it's not a great habit to get into, but both of us seem to get more sleep and I don't mind an extra excuse to cuddle with you. You are still waking up on the early side, between 5:30-6:00am, which I hope changes. We are experimenting with temporary blackout blinds (i.e. black garbage bags) and it might be helping ever so slightly, but I think that you are an early riser in general. You still have the occasional night wakening, and I'm hoping that you grow out of that so we don't have to resort to sleep training.

We gave you your first taste of real food in Keene Valley. I let you lick a banana and you liked it! I even pinched off a tiny piece with my finger and mushed it up and you were definitely enjoying it. We are going to start solids in the next few weeks. Speaking of solids, my next job is to make and freeze a bunch of fruit and vegetable purees! We bought you a high chair (this one) and I have been putting you in it while I eat breakfast or lunch so that you can get used to it.

You are such a happy baby in general, full of smiles and laughs! But I should note that you do not like your carseat. You slept during the entire car ride up to the Adirondaks (we left at 8:30pm) but you barely slept at all on the car ride back and you cried almost the entire way home. The only thing that I could do to successfully calm you down was to turn around and show you a video of yourself on my iphone. You are a true TV/screen fanatic, which is why I try not to have the TV on during the day.

It's almost impossibly to believe that you have been in our lives for 6 whole months. I know that everyone says that the days go slow and the months go by quickly, but I beg to differ. Every day goes by so quickly and I want to slow down time. You are at one of my favorite stages so far (perhaps because you are not mobile yet?!) and I'm not ready for the next one.

We love you every second of every day!