Life with Arthur: 7 Months

Dear Arthur,

Here we are again, and I'm so far behind with these posts. You turned 7 months old on August 27th, right before we left for your first overseas trip to visit your great grandmother in England. This is really more of a recap of the last month (so your 6 month post if that makes sense). 

This was a very big month for you because you had your first solid food on Saturday, August 8th. We chose to start you off with baby oatmeal (mixed with breastmilk). You were very intrigued and took a number of spoonfuls before getting bored and wanting to be taken out of your high chair.

Since then you have tried homemade carrot puree, bananas, pears (your favorite!), plums, prunes, zucchini, and sweet potatos. For some reason you didn't like the sweet potatoes at all. You are still somewhat skeptical of food, and typically try to put your fingers in your mouth as we try to feed you, which makes for quite a mess! You also lean your head forward instead of sitting back in your chair. I'm sure that it must be overwhelming to suddenly be offered solids after exclusively nursing for 6 months but you are starting to get the hang of it. Nursing continues to go well, which I am very thankful for. It now takes you only 5-10 minutes to nurse, a vast difference from the 45 minutes that it used to take. And you let me know loud and clear when you are finished (i.e. you cry and get mad).

This month was also a milestone month because you spent your first night in your own room. You had been sleeping in your nursery for naps for the last few months but had been sleeping in a Pack n Play in our bedroom at night. We put you in your own room for the first time on August 2nd and you handled the transition without any trouble whatsoever. Unfortunately you continue to have sporadic night wakings and you have been waking up early (around 5:00-5:30am), so we finally bit the bullet and decided to start sleep training (and take you out of the Merlin Sleepsuit at the same time).

After talking to your pediatrician who confirmed that 6 months was a good time to sleep train, we chose a weekend to start. The first night you fell asleep immediately after nursing but woke up after 5 or 10 minutes and cried for 35 minutes before falling asleep. We thought that we were in the clear for the rest of the night, but you woke up at 4am and proceeded to cry for 2 hours until I finally came into your room at 6am (the doctor had told us not to come in until 6am). It was very difficult hearing your cry but after a few nights you were doing much better at getting yourself back to sleep in the middle of the night. We are still working on the early morning wake ups.

So while nights have improved tremendously, naps have gotten worse. As soon as we took away your Merlin Sleepsuit you refused to be put down for naps unless we held you in the glider or if you were sleeping next to us in our bed. After a few days of seeing you uncharacteristically cranky, I caved and started to let you sleep with me in the mornings for your fist nap. Of course as soon as I let you into bed with me you slept for 2 hours. You are a little stinker! We now cuddle every morning for your first nap. I simultaneously love it and also wish that I could get more done while you are napping.

Despite not napping nearly enough, you are still such a happy baby. Your favorite activities include playing on the floor with your mom and dad, standing (with support), baths (you now soak us thoroughly with your splashing), the swings at John Jay Park, and cuddling with us during nap time. You are particularly attached to me, and I noticed it more and more this month. When I try to leave you alone for a few minutes on the floor you get upset, and when I wander into the kitchen you crane your neck and follow my every move. 

You are now consistently rolling from your tummy to your back. The only negative is that you now spend even less time on your tummy. Your pediatrician recommended that we apply for New York State's Early Intervention Program because you are still not rolling from your back to your tummy and after getting evaluated you were accepted into the program. This means that you will be starting physical therapy soon to encourage you to spend more time on your tummy, sitting up, and rolling over. In the meantime, you are obsessed with scooting around on your back and doing butt lifts (what we call your Jane Fonda butt lifts). We always find you on the opposite side of the crib from where we put you down. You are remarkably mobile for a non-crawler!  

We have had a relatively low key month at home which was probably a good thing because we will be doing much more traveling in the upcoming months!

We love you Arthur.