Life with Arthur: 11 Months

Dear Arthur,

One month to go until you turn ONE! I'm in denial.

Our monthly photo shoot was quite the struggle, even with three people attempting to get a good photo it was a total failure, so we had to take a (be)hind shot. Don't worry, you have a cute butt.

You are on the move and crawling on all fours (with the occasional army crawl thrown in for good measure). And we know when you are crawling because you make the funniest sound when you are crawling toward something. It is basically a rolling "b" sound and it's the cutest noise ever. Your favorite place to crawl to is the bathroom. You love the bathroom, especially baths and washing your hands in the sink. You have also been "helping" me empty the dishwasher in the mornings. You are no longer content to sit on the bed and play as daddy gets ready for work. Instead you cruise around on the floor, sometimes stopping by the mirror to check yourself out and squeal. 

We celebrated your very first Christmas this month and it was so much fun! We spent a week with your Meli and Grandy, Aunt Alessandra and Uncle Cassidy, and Aunt Laura in Virginia. You spent most of your time chasing after Smokey the cat, crawling from one end of the house to the next, and even crawling up the stairs (with guidance). Thankfully all of that crawling tuckered you out, because you slept until 7:30am every day that week. I was in shock the first time it happened, and ecstatic when you continued to "sleep in" for the rest of the week. Now if only I could figure out how to make that happen at home?

Both sets of grandparents and all of your aunts and uncles spoiled you rotten. You weren't as interested in unwrapping presents as we thought you would be, but you really liked all of your gifts, especially the stainless steel lunch box that your Aunt Laura and Uncle Connor bought you (you made a racket banging all of the pieces together) and the set of plastic bottles that your grandmother filled with all kinds of fun things (like dice, colored water, and quinoa).

We spent New Years week with Po Po and Gammy and Uncle TJ and Uncle Matt. In the absence of Smokey to chase after, you discovered the heating/air conditioning vents at your grandparents's house, dinner spoons (you loved banging them on the floor) and your grandmother's collection of gift bows. No corner was left unturned by you! And when there wasn't anything better to do, you were very content to untie my shoe laces and suck on them for a few minutes.

You are SO much more independent (and talkative) these days. You don't seem to mind when I leave you on your own to play and you are so pleased with yourself because you figured out how to go from crawling to sitting up on your own this month. Unfortunately with your newfound independence has also come a newfound sense of mischief. You are constantly reaching for cords, outlets, the wine bottles in our wine rack, drawers, phones, etc. etc.

You have also become quite the social butterfly. Ever since returning from Thanksgiving vacation you have adored watching the other babies in our classes and playgroups and often try to chase after them and grab them (quite aggressively I might add). You make the funniest squealing sound when you are chasing after the other babies, it's hard to believe that only a month ago you completely ignored all children. 

Meal times are one of your favorite times of the day. You love oatmeal, especially when mixed with pears or bananas, and you are becoming better and better at chewing on small pieces of food. You tried bread this month (both french toast and regular toast) and really loved it. You also tried homemade banana bread and Pannetonne over Christmas and adored it.

Eggs are still one of your favorite foods, along with pasta and all fruits. You don't love zucchini or broccoli, but generally speaking you eat most things that we put in front of you. The one thing that you hated was my homemade pot roast and a jarred beef dish that we tried over Christmas. You are now eating solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner and nursing only 4 times a day. So far you have shown very little interest in picking up food and feeding yourself, with the exception of Puffs. But I'm sure that you'll get there in the next month or os.

We are gearing up for your first birthday and I would be lying if I didn't tell you that the thought of it makes me kind of (okay, very) sad. Every day I see you become more and more of a young boy and less of a baby, and while I love watching you grow and learn I'm not quite ready for the baby stage to be over. So let's agree to make sure that this month goes by super slowly!

I love you with all my heart,