Life with Arthur: 21 Months


Dear Arthur,

It's mid- November and I'm already way behind with your 21 month post. It's getting more and more difficult to write these because I feel like I never have time to do anything! Pretty soon I'll have literally no time because in February (or March) you are going to be a big brother. I haven't officially mentioned it on the blog but I figured I should since we only have 3 months to go (where did the time go?!?!!). You have no clue, but when we ask you were the baby is you point to either my stomach or your own. It's very cute.

We went trick-or-treating for the first time this halloween! You dressed up as King Arthur for halloween and you looked fabulous. I took you trick-or-treating in your friend Eden's building and in our apartment building. At first you were a little nervous and unsure of what to do, but pretty soon you got the hang of it. You loved knocking on people's doors and took multiple pieces of candy at every apartment that we visited. We didn't let you eat most of the candy, but we did give you a Kit Kat for the first time and you LOVED it. No surprise there.

The weekend leading up to halloween we were in New Jersey for your dad's cousin's wedding so we didn't go to any halloween parties but we did have fun visiting Discovery Zone for the first time. I have never seen you quite so over-stimulated. There were SO many things to do and so much space compared to the typical playroom in NYC. You loved playing with everything and anything that you saw.


While we were in New Jersey Gammy took you to see her bus and you thought it was the coolest thing ever. She let you honk the horn and press the buttons on the school bus and you were so happy. You love pointing out buses and singing Wheels on the Bus so nothing could have impressed you more. 

Speaking of favorites, vacuuming is still high up there on the list, along with throwing balls. You get so excited and energetic when your dad gets home from work. You like to throw balls and chase after them, and you also think that it is hilarious to hide all of your balls underneath furniture so that we have to find them and retrieve them. The other day you spent an hour at the playground just throwing and chasing a tennis ball. And when we were in New Jersey you played a new golf game over and over again with your dad. Daddy would chip the ball with his club and you would chase after it.  

We are still having fun at your weekly gym (PEP) classes and music class at Applause. I can tell that you are becoming a better climber because you recently decided to climb up your high chair. Now that you feel comfortable at gym class you completely ignore the obstacle courses that the teachers have set up and instead run at top speed around the gym, sometimes throwing yourself on the mats. You of course think it is very funny.

Speaking of funny, you love saying the word "Pa" (for pasta). Whenever we ask you what you want to eat you respond "Pa!". You have started to show much more interest in talking and now say (or attempt to say): Dada, Quesadilla, Blueberry, Cheese, Giraffe, Socks, Shoes, Boots, Teeth, Shut (which sounds like shit, kind of hilarious), Uh-Oh, Meli, Matt, and Laura. You have yet to say Mama or Mommy but you will occasionally respond "Ma" or "Me Me", which may or may not be your name for me. You say a number of animals sounds too, your favorite being "Baa" for a sheep. You love to hide in our bedroom closet and say "Baa", pretending that there is a sheep in the closet. 

Generally speaking you laugh, smile and play all day long. However, you have gotten to be very difficult on the changing table and when we are getting ready to go out. You don't mind finding your shoes on and bringing them to me, but it is always a battle getting your socks, shoes and coat on and getting you into the stroller. And at the grocery store you like to flirt with the women at the checkout counter and show them how you can take your shoes off. 

You are definitely asserting your independence and can throw mini temper tantrums when you don't get your way, but so far it's manageable and I would say that we are lucky. Hopefully we won't experience the so called "Terrible Two's"! (crossing my fingers). One of your favorite ways to assert independence is by rejecting food. For example, you used to love roasted zucchini but now won't touch it on most days. It's difficult to know what you will eat (other than pasta of course). Recent favorites include pizza, pear cups, hot oatmeal with banana, and cheese quesadillas. 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and pretty soon you will be 22 months old (how do I already have an almost-2 year old!!!???).

Love you forever,

xoxo, Mommy