Life with Arthur: 13 Months

Dear Arthur,

I have decided to continue our monthly updates, in part because I haven't started your baby book yet and these blog posts are my only hope of remembering the last year! 

You are now officially a "cruiser" (as of February 19th)! You stand and walk along all of the furniture in our apartment. You were very proud of yourself when you figured out how to walk from the coffee table to the sofa for the first time. You are constantly finding furniture, doors, the crib, and chairs to pull up on. Last month you were pulling up to stand but having trouble sitting down, this month you have figured out how to get back down safely.

You have also become quite adept at opening cabinets, which is why I freaked out and ordered a bunch of babyproofing items on Amazon earlier this month. Thankfully you haven't figured out how to open every drawer in the apartment, god help us when that happens. I'm less worried about what's inside the drawers, and more worried about how many times you will squash your fingers. 

Your favorite activity lately is pointing at everything and everyone. You have mastered the location of the cheetah photo and zebra print in your room, and when asked the question "Where is the cheetah, Arthur?", you consistently point in the right direction. You also like to point at lights, at Mommy and Daddy, at bananas, the dishwasher, and your cheerios. Unfortunately, when we ask you "Where is Mommy?", you often point at Daddy. We clearly have a little work to do.

You have also (finally) learned how to clap (sort of). We've been trying to get you to clap for ages, but you never showed any interest until recently. One day, as I was singing my clapping song, you suddenly decided to clap along with me. The best part is that you always keep one hand still when you are clapping.

We spent your second ever Valentine's Day in New Jersey with your grandparents and uncles and you decided to crawl up the stairs from the basement all the way to the 2nd floor at least a dozen times a day. We stand behind you to make sure that you don't fall, but you are very fast and getting better and better at climbing stairs. During our trip to New Jersey you also figured out how to press the button on your rolling monkey toy, you had a lot of fun pressing the button and chasing the monkey all around the house. You love pressing buttons in general, and recently began picking up the TV remote and pointing it directly at the TV! 

You have always loved bath time, but recently enjoy it even more. We put you in your small tub one night a few weeks ago and you climbed out. So long infant bath tub! You are now moving around freely in the big tub and we put up a new basketball bath toy for you to play with. Your dad taught you how to shoot hoops and you love it.

Perhaps the most significant development is that you are officially weaned. You nursed for the last time on February 23rd. We made it a 392 days. At the beginning I thought I would be lucky to make it a week, but we both got the hang of it eventually, and despite the ups and downs along the way I am so glad that we made it this far. In fact, I probably would have continued to nurse you longer, but you were clearly ready to move on. I will miss that quiet time to snuggle with you every day, but I'm so thankful for the special bond that we shared for so long.

Since you are no longer nursing, your consumption of food has increased dramatically. I joke around that you have a never-ending stomach. I have to cut you off during most meals because you continue to eat, and eat, and eat. You are very similar to your dad; you don't snack and like to have three large meals a day. We have tried to introduce cow's milk into your diet, but you typically take a few sips and spit it all out. Thankfully you enjoy oatmeal made with milk and plain yogurt (and of course cheese), so it's not the end of the world. Your favorite foods continue to be oatmeal, eggs, cheese, butternut squash, sweet potato, fruit of any kind, pasta, and bananas.

You continue to be a bubbly, happy and fun-loving young boy. On rainy days I go a little stir crazy following you around the apartment as you try to pull out every book from the bookshelf and pull on every outlet and plug, but we also laugh like crazy. The other day I was lying on the living room floor and my shirt was half-way up---you came right up to me and started blowing raspberries on my stomach repeatedly. I started to laugh so hard and you started to laugh too. It's those moments that I love most during the day.

Another moment that we both love is when your dad gets home from work in the evenings. You always get a burst of energy which is fun. Lately, your dad has been carrying you around on his shoulders while you smile and giggle.

You are picking things up so quickly, who knows what skill you will have mastered next month!

Love you always,