Life with Arthur: 14 Months

Dear Arthur,

It was only a month ago that you started cruising around, and you are already so much more confident on your feet. You cruise along the walls, along the coffee table, along chairs, and along cabinets and you have very good balance. You aren't yet balancing on your own, but we know that you can because there have been a few instances where you have stood without holding onto anything for a few seconds. You are just hesitant to try, understandably so.

You investigate every little item in our apartment, and recently figured out how to turn the dial on your sound machine. Pure trouble! You still enjoy emptying the dishwasher, but prefer to spend time in your nursery knocking every book off the bookshelves. You also like to take all of your books out of the bins by the gliding chair and either toss them on the floor or turn the pages for a few minutes. Needless to say I spent a lot of time tidying up after you!

Some of your other favorite activities include being chased by mom and dad, waking us up from a pretend nap (you either give me a kiss to wake me up or tap me on the head), bath time, and tossing everything out of my bottom dresser onto the floor. Occasionally you will put things back into the drawer, but that doesn't happen very often.

You still love to eat, but have recently become pickier. One day you will eat bananas and the next day you will toss the banana pieces on the floor. One day you will eat strawberries, and on the next day you won't, etc. Two things that you never reject are cheese and bread. You have recently been loving peanut butter sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches. Of course you still adore your cheerios and point at them all the time. You are quite the mischief maker and always try to sneak in multiple cheerios or bites so we have to watch you carefully to make sure that you don't choke. You still won't drink whole milk (you spit it out), but you do love smoothies made with fruit, yogurt, and milk.  

I signed us up for a class at Gymboree and I have been taking you to the open gym sessions a few times a week. You love it! Apart from chasing the other babies around the room, you are quite the climber and very good at going up the stairs and ramps that they have set up in the room. An hour at the gym is tiring, and you usually take a good nap when we get back. 

Your dad has also been taking you to swim classes at Asphalt Green. You've had 3 classes so far and have never once cried when your dad or the instructor has dunked you under the water. You are a water baby! The pool that we take you to is very high-tech, the floor of the baby pool moves up and down so you can even stand and walk in the water during part of the class. Swimming classes tire you out even more than Gymboree, your dad usually has to distract you so that you don't fall asleep during the walk back home. 

Naps in general are going well, but you do have the odd nap strike now and again. Once or twice a week you play in your crib for over an hour without falling asleep. Thankfully you don't seem too upset about it, and are generally happy even when you miss a nap. Night sleep is also going better (I'm crossing my fingers that it stays that way), you typically sleep until 6:30am which is much more manageable for your mom.

We celebrated Easter at home for the first time in a long time. To celebrate the three day weekend we took you to Central Park Zoo on Saturday. It was your first trip to the zoo and you were so excited to see all of the animals, especially the penguins, grizzly bears and red panda. Your dad held you up so that you could see all the animals at each exhibit and you were very focused. They have a children's zoo at the Central Park Zoo as well, so we took you over to see the sheep, cow, pigs, llama and goats before we left. I have a feeling that we will be visiting the zoo frequently during the next year.

Easter day was spent enjoying french toast for breakfast, a mini-easter egg hunt, and a walk to Carl Shurz Park to go on the swings and see the dogs in the dog park. I forgot to mention that doggies are your favorite animal! You point at all of the doggies in the street when we are walking and you love trips to the dog park.

On a slightly more serious note, you went to the Emergency Room for the first time last week. You came down with Croup very suddenly and were having difficulty breathing. Thankfully I knew right away that you had Croup because I had it once as a child too. Either way, it was a scary and long night. The doctors gave you oral steroids and a breathing treatment and spent many hours monitoring you. We didn't end up leaving the hospital until 5:30am the next morning (we got to the hospital at 11:40pm the night before). The medications helped because you were feeling much better the next day. Seeing you sick made me realize how thankful I am that you are generally very healthy and thriving. 

You continue to surprise us every day with how much you know! For example, the other day I asked you to point at your mouth (I had never taught that to you before) and you did it right away. You are at such a fun stage right now, and we are enjoying every minute with you.

Love always,