Life with Arthur: 15 Months

Dear Arthur,

You are so close to walking! A few weeks ago you took your first steps. It was only about 2 steps, but you did it without even thinking. In fact, you will only walk when you aren't really thinking about it. As soon as you realize that you are standing up on your own, you sit right back down again and crawl. We keep encouraging you to walk on your own but as of right now you prefer to use your walker.

We enjoyed a belated Easter celebration with your grandparents and uncles in New Jersey the last weekend in March and you spent most of your time climbing up the stairs (again and again and again). We also took you to the small Animal Hospital down the road and you got acquainted with a number of very funny looking chickens at their little animal farm.

Your favorite activities this month include emptying all of the dvd's out of our media console drawer, opening and closing the dresser in your room and taking all of your clothes out, tossing baby food pouches around in the kitchen, turning your sound machine on and off, playing with your light-up constellation hippo, and emptying out your toy bin. You also love going on walks to Carl Shurz Park because we take you to the swings and the dog parks (you LOVE dogs). We have also put you down the slide recently and you think that is very fun.

You haven't said any discernible words yet, but you point to everything and anything. You especially love pointing out dogs on our walks, trees and flowers. But perhaps your favorite thing to point at is ceiling lights. You will also point at your head, your toes, your pants, your ears, and your mouth.

Last month you were a bit picky about food but recently your appetite has picked back up and you are eating almost everything that we offer you (with the exception of bananas, which you no longer like). Some new favorites include dried currants (like raisins but smaller), canned mandarin oranges, and blackberries. You adore blackberries. It might be a toss up between blackberries and cheese, you love them both (although I think that cheese probably wins).

Our month long membership at Gymboree is over, but we have started our Music Together classes again which you enjoy, and we are still going to class at the temple. We also meet up with friends on various days of the week for walks to the playground or lunch out. You are still going to swim lessons with your dads on Sundays and you are both enjoying them immensely. The good news is that they completely tire you out, the bad news is you often take a 2 hour nap after class and then skip your afternoon nap. 

Speaking of sleep, your naps are all over the place recently. You skip one of your naps at least 3 times a week, most often the afternoon nap. You are clearly transitioning from 2 naps to just 1 nap, but I'm in denial and refuse to drop the second nap for the time being. And even when you don't sleep, nap time is a good way for you to relax and unwind for a bit. So for now I am still putting you down for a nap at 9am and again at around 2pm.

You are also going through a bit of a mommy phase right now. You cry hysterically every time I try to leave you with a babysitting in the evening, which makes me feel bad. And on rare occasions when you are very tired in the evening you won't even let your dad hold you when he gets back from work (which makes him incredibly sad). I'm hoping that this is a short-lived phase.

Overall you are still such a happy, sweet and silly little boy. You love attention, but you also are also content to play on your own for short periods of time. Your favorite room in our small apartment is your nursery, you spend most of your time in there wreaking havoc!

We took you to the doctor's this week and you continue to get bigger and taller! I think that you had a growth spurt at some point over the last month. You are now 31.5 inches tall (65th percentile) and you weigh 23 pounds and 9 ounces (68th percentile). It appears that your head size has also increased, you jumped up to the 41st percentile from the 19th. 

I love you to pieces,