Life with Arthur: 16 Months

Dear Arthur,

Your are officially walking! You still fall down frequently and sometimes prefer to crawl, but you are getting so much steadier and confident and I think that you are ready for your first pair of real shoes!

We've had another fun month, including visitings from both sets of grandparents and Aunt Laura, a first birthday party for one of your friends, and multiple visits to the Central Park Zoo. Your Meli and Grandy (as we call them) came the last week of April. We celebrated Grandy's 60th birthday with a trip to the zoo and a delicious dinner at a special restaurant (you stayed at home for the dinner...sorry).

Your Gammy and Po Po also happened to be visiting that weekend so we were lucky enough to get a shot of you with all of your grandparents. You also showed off your new swimming skills.

This past week your Aunt Laura came to stay with us in New York and you spent tons of time laughing while she chased you and blew raspberries on your belly. You also generously showed her your entire library (and by that I mean you took out every single book and made a mess). We also went to the zoo and saw the penguin exhibit (your favorite) and the sea lions.

Now that the weather is warmer we have been going on more walks to the parks and playgrounds and you have loved getting the opportunity to point out all of the pigeons that you see in the parks. You also like to point out flowers, dogs, trees, cars and bicycles. 

While you still aren't talking, you do have a knack for copying sounds, like clicking your tongue and blowing raspberries. 

And one of your favorite ways to show affection is to give us big slobbery kisses. Thank you!

Books still capture your attention and you spend a good deal of time when we are at home in your room flipping threw pages. You also learned how to zip and unzip bags this month so I often find you standing by the stroller opening and closing my diaper bag and wallet. You also enjoy throwing balls and just about everything else that you can find. I often have to take cover when you start throwing the DVD's out of their drawer (you nailed your Gammy in the head with a DVD the other weekend). And you think it is is very funny to hide balls underneath the furniture, especially the sofa. You also love to open and close doors and crawl up stairs (when we visit your grandparents you climb up the stairs at least 20 times a day).

You are still eating a ton! You often crawl over to your high chair when you are hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner and your eyes light up when I tell you that it is time to eat. Your favorite food is probably roasted zucchini, followed closely by oatmeal, cheese and cheddar bunnies. Actually, your favorite food is really cake, but that is a special treat. We went to your friend Sienna's first birthday party and to a baby shower this month and you easily ate a large slice of cake at both parties. You also had pizza for the first time last week and managed to eat two entire slices of mushroom pizza (minus the crust). 

You are a good eater, but you can be picky at times. For example, you loved blackberries last month but will barely touch them this month, and the other day you randomly refused to eat pita bread with cheese on it. I should also mention that you don't like cream cheese but do like plain bagels.

Sleep is still going well. You go to bed anywhere between 7:15-7:45pm and you sleep until 6-6:30am. You are generally content (playing with your seven pacifiers!) until around 7:00am when I come in to get you out of your crib. Naps are still inconsistent. You almost always take a morning nap (that ranges from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours) but you rarely take an afternoon nap. Next month we will probably drop the morning nap and switch to one nap a day.

Now that it's summer our music class and temple class are ending for the semester, but I'm looking forward to taking you to the sprinklers in the playgrounds, to having picnics in the park and to being outside in general.

We love you so much!