Life with Arthur: 17 Months

Dear Arthur,

You are walking everywhere these days and getting faster and faster. It's difficult to keep up with you! You are also becoming more independent and let us know very clearly what you want and don't want. For example, you really don't like diaper changes and insist upon having something to hold and play with when we change your diaper. You also squirm and arch your back and do everything that you can to avoid being put into the stroller.

Lately your favorite activities include pulling out all of your books and opening and closing the sliding closet doors in our bedroom. You like to play peekaboo and hide in the closet. And for some reason you are infatuated with my coffee maker and like to open and close the top and pull the filter out. Your toys barely hold your attention, although you do like to play with balls. You have learned how to kick balls (like you are playing soccer) and think it is very fun. 

We go to John Jay playground at least once a day, where you like to walk around opening and closing the playground gates (not the best choice on a busy day), climb stairs, chase pigeons, and play in the fountains. But you get really excited when we let you push your stroller around the playground. The other day your dad took you to the playground early on a Sunday morning (it was empty), and you pushed your stroller in a circle around the playground no less than 15 times. By the end you were so tired that you tried to climb into your dad's arms and nodded your head emphatically when he asked you if it was time to go home. 

Despite all this walking and activity, you rarely take two naps. You are in the process of dropping your morning nap and we will mostly likely transition to one nap in the next few weeks. I won't lie, it scares me because I use your morning nap to workout, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day. 

We spent Memorial Day in New Jersey with your parents and uncles and you had a great time visiting your great aunt and uncle's pool. You spent more than an hour in the pool splashing around and playing with cups. The weather was beautiful and it was a fun start to summer. We also went to a family wedding on the Jersey shore and you did very well but were exhausted by 9:00pm so we left early.

A few weeks later we took you to Colgate University for our 10 year reunion (and your grandfather's 40th). We loved introducing you to friends and walking around campus and town We were exhausted by the end of the weekend but it was worth it!


We also left you on your own for the first time ever with your Gammy and Po Po in mid June when we went to Maine for a wedding. I was worried that you would cry and have separation anxiety but you absolutely adored spending the weekend with your grandparents. They took you to Central Park Zoo and to the playground and you were laughing and smiling the whole weekend. And we got back just in time for Father's Day!

Which brings us to the end of June. We leave this week for Keene Valley, NY, where we will be spending 3 weeks on vacation with family. I am excited to bring you there, you were only 5 months old when we went there last July, and couldn't even sit up on your own. This year I expect you will be all over the place, enjoying the pool, playground and tons of green space!