Life with Arthur: 18 Months

Dear Arthur,

Happy half birthday!!! I

We recently returned from a three week vacation in the Adirondaks with your grandparents and extended family. You had a blast! You loved spending time outdoors and became a very confident (and speedy) walker during our vacation.

Our first weekend away there was a kid's fair and you rode your first pony! You also went into the bouncy castle with your dad and you were laughing and smiling the whole time. It was also Fourth of July weekend and just like last year, you slept through the entire (very loud) fireworks show.

There is no doubt that you LOVED all of the attention that you received while we were away. Some of your favorite things to do in Keene Vallley included swimming in the pool, playing at the playground (especially in the sandbox), running around the golf course, taking rides on the golf cart, and investigating every inch of the club house. We also took you out to dinner and lunch a few times and you adored having special treats like sweet potato fries and pasta. Your dad also took you out for your first ice cream cone at the Noonmark Diner. You ate your entire vanilla cone and some of Po Po's cone too. 

Every meal time was an opportunity to consume ridiculous amounts of food while simultaneously charming us with your smiles and funny antics. And of course you were on top of your game every evening during cocktail hour. You would take "laps" around the back deck, walk in the house, and then come back out again for a nibble of cracker (you fell in love with entertainment crackers in Keene Valley). And every now again someone would yell "Touchdown" and you would hold up your arms doing the touchdown sign (a new trick that Uncle Tom taught you).

Your dad carried you up Indian Head twice this year on his back and I carried you up Baxter, pretty soon you will be climbing on your own! We also had our first bear sighting! The two of us were playing at the beach at the Lower Lake when a mother bear and two cubs walked over to the boathouse and stole the trash. I was scared out of my mind, but we hid in the boathouse office and watched the bears from inside.

When you weren't playing outside (which was most of the time), you spent a lot of time pushing your new toy stroller up and down the hallways of our house, Silver Birches. We also spent plenty of time collecting rocks and pine cones outside the house, and walking up and down the pathway to the driveway. 

Our vacation coincided with a new nap schedule. You are officially down to one nap a day at around 1:00pm, and you typically sleep for between 2 or 3 hours. Some mornings are more difficult than others because you get tired, but for the most part you are doing really well on the new schedule as long as we stay busy.

Unfortunately, you did get sick for a few days and we had to take you to the doctor in Keene because you had a high fever. I felt so bad for you because you weren't your usual active self during those few days, but thankfully you bounced back pretty quickly.

You are still not talking, but you understand so much. When I ask you to go get something, like your toy stroller, you will go off and get it and come back to me. And as soon as you want to eat you point at the kitchen or your high chair. I feel like I have conversations with you all the time, which is kind of funny considering you don't speak a word. I'm sure that you will start talking when you want to, and not a minute before.

I sound like a broken record, but you are truly such a happy and fun baby to be around! We love you so much.