Life with Arthur: 19 months

Dear Arthur,

Summer is coming to a close unfortunately, but we have really enjoyed the last month or so. We took a trial class at Gymtime when we got back from Keene Valley and you had so much fun that I decided to sign you up for their PEP class, which meets two times a week. It's 45 minutes of gym and another 45 minutes of music and/or classroom time. I'm really looking forward to taking you in the fall and it should keep us busy.

It was pretty brutally hot and humid the first week or so that we were back in town, so we spent those days either in the playroom of your friend Eden's apartment building or checking out some of other playroom spaces on the Upper East Side. And of course on nice weather days we spend lots of time on the playground. 

We went to New Jersey for a short weekend in early August to celebrate your Uncle Matt's birthday and to attend a Riley family reunion. We spent time in the pool every day that we were away and you absolutely adored it. You did not however nap well or sleep very well. Every time that I tried to put you down you would cry, so I ended up rocking/cuddling you to sleep. Thankfully when we got back home you were back to your normal routine.

And speaking of routines, those great naps that you took while we were in Keene Valley happen very rarely now. You often sleep for only an hour and a half and wake up crying after your nap. I'm not sure what is going on, but hopefully you will start napping for longer stretches of time.

We also took the train down to D.C. this month and you had a great time visiting Meli and Grandy in Virginia, and seeing Ian and Sam and Judy. You especially loved when your grandmother let you throw all of her potting soil out of her flower pots. You made such a mess that we had to give you a bath afterwards. I wasn't sure what to expect on the train, but as usual you were a great traveler that weekend.

You have learned all kinds of new tricks, including turning in circles (which can be dangerous when you get dizzy and fall over), and walking backwards. You find both new skills to be very amusing. You also play with your food, sometimes putting pieces of watermelon under your armpit (weird, but hilarious), and other times flicking cheerios from your tray across the room. I'm not encouraging either of those by the way.

Although you comprehend a lot, you are still not talking. Unless you count "Pa" for pasta, which you say quite often. I even had a speech therapist from Early Intervention come out to evaluate you, but you didn't qualify because you understand too much! In fact, you love to follow directions or give me directions. Specifically, you are obsessed with vacuuming. You walk over to the closet multiple times a day and point at it, hoping that we can get out the vacuum or the dust buster. I'm not sure why you like it so much, but I'm tempted to buy you a toy vacuum. You also point at areas on the carpet that we should be vacuuming.

You still love to eat, but are definitely becoming more and more selective (picky). You no longer eat baby oatmeal and instead prefer having either a smoothie with toast in the morning or homemade muesli (soaked oats). Your dad and I joke around that you want to be a vegan because you used to love cheese but now rarely touch it except in the frozen papusas that I buy you (or occasionally grilled cheese). You are starting to like pieces of chicken and turkey meatballs, which is good, but you still refuse to eat most fruit unless it is in pureed form (although you do love watermelon and canned mandarin oranges). And you clearly prefer variety because I'll give you pasta one day and you will devour it, and the following day you won't touch it. I guess I need to mix things up for you! I should also mention that you LOVE pouches. You always point to the pouches and want that instead of the food that I make for you. 

September will be a busy month because we are traveling to San Francisco to visit your Aunt Alessandra and Uncle Cassidy (and their dog Kona) and to Chicago to visit Aunt Laura and Uncle Connor (and their dog Marly). We are also starting our new fall classes, including PEP and a music class at Applause on Thursdays. 

Love you!

xoxo, Mommy