Life with Arthur: 2 Years Old

Dear Arthur,

Happy belated birthday! We celebrated your second birthday in New Jersey with many of your extended family members, including all four of your grandparents.

For two weeks leading up to your birthday you talked about cake and sprinkles non-stop. You requested star sprinkles on your cake, so that is what you got! I made you a homemade funfetti cake with chocolate frosting and loads of sprinkles. You were so excited to eat cake on the day of your party that you skipped lunch entirely and just ate a massive piece of cake. In fact, we had to convince you to open up presents (you were that excited to eat cake).

You received so many fun presents, but didn't really look at them until the next day because you were so focused on unwrapping that you would move on to the next present as soon as you tore the wrapping paper off each box. There were a few presents however that caught your attention, including a new dump truck toy. You love anything construction related these days!

We read Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site multiple times a day and you point out all of the construction trucks that we see on the road. On the way back from New Jersey you spent an entire hour staring out of the train window yelling "Struck-she" (your word for construction) over and over (and over!) again.


Speaking of words, you continue to increase your vocabulary. You like to say "alright", "okay", "thank you", "dirt," "Big" (for the big vacuum), " "cheechos" (cheerios),  "cheese" (for smile), "Day Day" (for Gammy), "Memi" (for Meli), "Po Po", "boo boo", "mess", "mass" (for massive), "pears", "bust" (for our dustbuster), "chase", "choose", "papis" (pacifiers), "Pepi" (penguin), "zoo", "baby", "doctor", "bear" and "snow".


Your new favorite game to play this month is chase. You love having other kids (or your dad) chase you in the playground or down the hallyway of our building. You also love to play with your bristle blocks, your wood train set, your pizza making kit, and the vacuum (of course). You ask to bring out the "Big" vacuum every day, multiple times a day. I often have to tell you that it's too early to take out the vacuum because people are still sleeping. Sometimes you are okay with that answer and other times you get upset. You barely even vacuum anymore, you prefer to take the various pieces of the vacuum apart and connect all of the attachments. It's quite amusing watching you work.

When we took you to the doctor for your 2 year checkup you were very brave despite being a bit nervous. You cried for only a second when you got your TB test, and were excited to get a bandaid to match mommy's (I had my blood drawn the previous day and also got a bandaid). You weigh 29 pounds and 5 ounces and are 36 inches tall. I'm surprised you don't weigh much more than that, considering the quantity of food that you eat on a daily basis.

You still love your "chouches" (your word for baby food pouches) and your tradition of eating "cheechos" (cheerios) in the mornings when I eat my breakfast and we watch Bob the Builder.  You also love going out to eat at restaurants and ordering fries! You can eat an entire portion of fries on your own and you are now convinced that all restaurants serve fries. In fact, you also think that I go out to eat fries whenever you have a babysitter (you kept saying "Fries, Fries" when I told you that your babysitter Courtney was coming over). 

In the last few weeks you have been eager to help me get ready for your baby brother or sister's arrival. Together we have investigated and tried out all of the new adaptors ("Daptors"!) for the stroller and organized newborn clothing. You have also helped to clear out and clean multiple closets (you like to look for the dirt and dust with your flashlight). This past weekend we also packed our hospital bags and you packed a special bag with items for yourself and the baby. You even wrote a card for the baby using crayons.

This year is going to bring so many changes for you, including a new brother or sister, moving out of the city (we are moving to New Jersey this summer!), and going to school for the first time. But I know that you will be excited for all of those changes and adapt quickly. The other day when your dad and I were filling out your baby book, your dad insisted that we write "Happy" for the word that best describes you (keep in mind he has suggested that every month). I was hesitant at first because I wanted to come up with a different adjective, but to be honest, you really are just a happy, fun-loving little guy and I hope that never changes. You have a wonderful sense of humor.

So with that being said, I hope that this year is filled with love, happiness, excitement, laughter, and lots of "BIG" vacuuming!

Love you tons,