A Memorable 28th Year

How is it already the middle of May?! Actually, it's my birthday today, and I am turning the big 2-9. Somehow 29 seems so much older than 28, don't you think? All I can think about is how I am almost 30. How is that even possible? I still remember my freshman year in college as if it were yesterday. The picture below was taken during a spring break trip to Punta Cana my Senior year. I definitely look younger (my hair looks way better…I don't know what happened to those curls?!), and more importantly, I can't remember the name of the hotel that we stayed at, so it must have been a long time ago.

Punta Cana 2006

As I look back on this past year, I have realized how important my 28th year has been. I watched my older sister got married, planned my own wedding, got married to my best friend, went on a safari in Africa, and saw my little sister graduate from culinary school. Are you seeing a trend? 2012 really should have been called "The Year of the Weddings" in our family.

And it turns out that 29 will be "The Year of the Weddings: Part 2". We have been lucky enough to see a bunch of our best friends get married recently, and we have many more friends tying the knot this spring/summer. And even though we don't have a free weekend until mid-July and my feet are still killing me from dancing until midnight at a wedding on Saturday, I feel fortunate to have been included in each and every one.

At this stage in our lives it's easy to get into the habit of casually saying "oh yah, we have another [bachelorette, bridal party, bachelor party, wedding, etc] this weekend". But the truth is that every wedding has been unique and memorable, and there are very few life events that are as joyful as seeing two people's love for each other celebrated by their families and friends. So I guess this is just my way of saying that if 29 is the "Year of the Weddings: Part 2", I'm one lucky girl and I'm looking forward to it!

Here are a few favorite memories from this past year:

My sister getting married on a beautiful day in Lake Tahoe

Seeing my friends get together at my own bachelorette party (it had been way too long…)

Bachelorette NYC May 2012

Marrying my best friend

Seeing the wildlife while on safari in Kenya


And my first Thanksgiving as a newlywed with my very own Turkey (aka husband)

Pippa & Brian Thanksgiving.jpg

Have a great week,